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Privacy Policy


We are committed to protecting our users' privacy.

This policy explains what data we collect and what we do with that data.
By signing up to Twurly, you consent to this privacy policy.

What data we collect

When you sign up to Twurly we collect the following data from you.
  • Your Twitter access token (which gives us access to your tweets)
  • Your Twitter username, time zone and real name
  • Your email address
  • Tracking that you open your Twurly email
  • Any links you click in your Twurly email

What we do with that data

Your Twitter access token

This gives us read-only access to your Tweets (we can't and won't send messages as you).
Twurly uses this to read your Twitter feed and collect webpage links shared by the people that you follow.
It also gives us access to information shared in your Twitter profile. Specifically, your name and your time zone.
Twurly uses this to correctly address emails to you in the correct time zone.

Your email address

Twurly uses this to send you a sign-up confirmation email and the daily email digest of links.
We may also send occasional emails with news and announcements about the Twurly website.

Tracking that you open your Twurly email

Twurly uses this to help resolve delivery errors and determine if an account subscription is active

Any links you click in your Twurly email

Twurly uses this to help determine what links to filter in or out of your email

What we won't do with that data

Your Twitter access token

We won't send Twitter messages (Tweets) on your behalf. In fact, we can't; Twurly only has read-only access to your Tweets so Twitter would block any attempt by us to do that.

Your email address

We won't sell, disclose or otherwise pass on your email address or other personal information to any outside party (other than as required by UK law).


Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites (more about cookies).
You can disable any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may stop Twurly from working properly.

What the Twurly website uses Cookies for

  • Gathering anonymous analytics information (via Google Analytics)
  • Tracking you through the sign-up process

Third Party Services

Twurly uses the following third party services to process data

  • Twitter - to authenticate and fetch profile information and data
  • Mailgun - to send emails
  • Google Analytics - to gather anonymous analytics information

Access to your data

Contact us to gain access to a copy of your data - we will respond within 30 days

Your right to be forgotten

Use the 'Unsubscribe from Twurly' button on your Settings page to delete your account - all your data will be removed within 30 days


This policy was last updated on 30th June 2020.

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