A daily email of links from your Twitter feed

How it works


Twurly is a free email service to keep track of the links being shared on Twitter.

More details on how Twurly works

  • You give Twurly read only access to your Twitter account
  • You provide your email address
  • Twurly starts fetching the latest Tweets from your Twitter feed
  • It ignores any tweets that don't have a link
  • It then "unwraps" all the links and grabs page titles
  • It analyses link popularity and page quality to pick out the best links
  • Twurly then sends you a daily email digest of the collected links

Inactive subscriptions

Any subscription that goes for a full month without opening or reading a single Twurly email will be automatically unsubscribed from Twurly.
This is to help reduce running costs.

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